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One of the three most scenic views in Japan for a beautiful ria coast at Matsushima bay

Miyagi prefecture is located in the northern part of Honshu island. Ou mountains lie in south and the Northern coast is known for a ria coast.
Matsushima bay is recognized as one of Japan’s three most scenic views due to a beautiful ria coast and 260 islands.
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Matsushima bay is famous as one of Japan’s three most scenic views along with Miyazima in Hiroshima and Amanohashidate in Kyoto. In the 17th century, Basho, a worldwide known Japanese poet remained almost speechless when he discovered the place.


He then wrote a poet “Matsushima! Oh, Matsushima! Matsushima!” in his travel diary with poems called “The Narrow Road to the Deep North.” 

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Zao is known for a scenery of a mountain of monsters made by snow due to a unique weather phenomenon.


Sasa kamaboko, a fish cake, is one of the popular local foods in Miyagi. Sendai, a capital of Miyagi, is famous for gyutan, thinly sliced beef tongue cooked in a BBQ style.


Zunda mochi, small rice cakes covered by sweetened mashed edamame is a popular sweet in Miyagi.


Miyagi kokeshi dolls are wooden dolls made in Miyagi. Kokeshi doll is a very simple figure as it has only a head and a body. The production of Miyagi kokeshi dolls are said to have started by woodturners for their children and grand children. It was then turned to a souvenir at a hot spring resort.


Sendai Tansu are chests of drawers made in Sendai city. It is characterized by gorgeous iron fittings and beautiful lacquer coating. It was originally used to store swords, kimono clothes and important documents by samurai. 

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