Kamakura, former capital of historic sites and Yokohama, an international port

Kanagawa prefecture is located in the south of Tokyo on Honshu island. Kamakura used to be the capital of Japan and preserves historic sites.


Yokohama is one of the trade ports that opened its door in 1859 after sakoku, a foreign policy during the Tokugawa shogunate to ban foreign trade and has an influence of Western culture. 

As a former capital of Japan from late 12th century to early 14th century, Kamakura preserves historic places including the Great Buddha, temples and shrines.


Hakone is a popular hot spring resort that offers the view of Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, and huge torii gates of Hakone Shrine along the shores of Ashino lake.

Enoshima is a tiny gem just 90 minutes from Tokyo. It is a tiny island that lies on the Pacific turbulent waters and has Enoshima Shrine, beaches, caves and observation tower. 

Fishing is popular at ports along Miura peninsula. Sashimi and rice bowls with different kinds of raw fishes on top are Kanagawa’s local cuisine.


Amount rice bowls, shirasu-don, rice topped with small sardines is well known in Kanagawa. 

Kamakura-bori is a type of lacquer that is made by directly placing black lacquer on engraved wood. It was originally made for incense boxes during the Kamakura period.


Hakone Yosegi Zaiku are wooden puzzle boxes that can be opened only in a specific combination of patterns, which are made by several different kinds of woods.


Odawara lacquer is made by placing lacquer on woods from mountains in Hakone since around 15th century.

Pure Sesame Oil

Iwai Sesame Oil Co., Ltd.

150 years of tradition of making flavorful sesame oil

Pure Sesame Oil has been made in the same method since the establishment of the company in 1957. Quality sesame seeds that are heated up are roasted in a unique method by managing a temperature and roasting time depending on the condition of the sesame seeds. This oil is recommended not only for cooking but also for dressing. 

Mapo Tofu sauce

Jukei-Hanten Co., Ltd.

Professional Mapo Tofu at home

It is a ready made Mapo Tofu sauce, the most popular dish at a renowned Chinese restaurant. Just by heating it and putting it on top of sliced tofu, you can have a professional taste at home.

Kimono fabrics

kimono totonoe

Traditional Japanese beauty of kimono

Japanese people wear kimono in special occasions although it used to be daily clothes. Yokohama Chojiya brings kimono fabrics to the US to share the beauty of Japanese culture. 

Tissue Paper Holder

Office Otaka

New and universal item that fits into a rich life

Leather wallet craftspeople are considering what they can produce in a cashless society. Office Otaka of Ishikawa Prefecture collaborates with tanners and sewing craftspeople to create tissue paper holders in leather, cypress, and steel. The design is suited to luxury hotel suites, calm living spaces, and sophisticated offices.

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