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#3 seasons


The theme is “Shun Ka Shun To: Seasons”. The Japanese people had traditionally appreciated the transition of four seasons through haiku (short poem). The haiku has several rules. One of them is to include one seasonal word in each haiku. The seasonal words can be anything around you, such as weather, clothing, food, housing, events, animals, or plants, which make a reference to the seasons (i.e. spring, sum- mer, fall, winter, and New Year). The seasonal words represent not only a sense of season but also the Japanese art, life style, and Japanese aesthetic value. This time, six visual arts were created based on haiku.



Spring 春) White plum The crane was pilfered Yesterday   : Basho Matsuo

Summer 夏) Fuji wind Placed on the folding fan Edo souvenir :Basho Matsuo

Fall 秋) After fall Butterflies also lick Flower dew :Basho Matsuo

Winter 冬) Winter peony Well, Plover, snowy Little cuckoo :Basho Matsuo


Created By Maki Shigeno ( Design ) Thekla Heineke ( Design ) Kuniharu Abe ( Web ) Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direct )



Spring 春) Bearer of winds A feeling of spring Trembling ivy :Naoya Fujishiro

Summer 夏) The voice of a cicada Closing my eyes, I listen And think of a waterfall :Naoya Fujishiro

Fall 秋) Moonlight Reflected by leaves Superimposed on my life :Naoya Fujishiro

Winter 冬) Seeing icicles My heart leaps I calm myself down :Naoya Fujishiro

Created By Naoya Fujishiro ( Photograph ) Kuniharu Abe ( Web ) Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direct )



Spring 春) Various things Brought back to memory Sakuratetsu :Basho Matsuo

Summer 夏) Wearing a yukata With my mind at ease A summer festival : Hitoshi Sagaseki

Fall 秋) Having swept The path of fallen leaves Leading on :Teijyo Nakamura

Winter 冬) Nothing to do Just falling snow And lingering cold :Seigetsu Inoue


Created By Keisuke Makino ( Photograph ) Kuniharu Abe ( Web ) Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direct )



Spring 春) One plum blossom; the warmth of a single blossom  : Ransetsu Hattori

 Summer 夏) A cool breeze meanders this way : Issa Kobayashi

Fall 秋) The autumn sun and a gold-stained chrysanthemum : Masami Adachi

Winter 冬) Walking while enjoying the chilly weather : Ritsuko Hoshino


Created By Masami Adachi ( Photograph ) Kuniharu Abe ( Web ) Hitoshi Sagaseki ( Creative Direct )

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