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Beautiful Himeji castle and Kobe city as a business center

Hyogo prefecture is located in western part of Honshu island. It is unique in that it faces both the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan. The most famous place in Hyogo is a beautiful Himeji Castle.


Although south part of the prefecture was severely damaged by the Great Hanshin earthquake, Hyogo plays an important role in economy due to its geographical location next to Osaka. 


Himeji Castle that is also called White Heron Castle is often said to be the most beautiful castle in Japan due to its elegant architecture that was built in early 17th century.


Kobe city, the capital of Hyogo prefecture, has flourished as a port city as one of the first ports that opened to foreign trade in 19th century. Around 40 Western style houses from that time still remain and some of them are open to public.


Nankin town in Kobe city is known as one of the three biggest China towns in Japan.


Akashiyaki - baked egg similar to omlet

Butaman - fluffy steamed buns stuffed with minced juicy pork from Kobe city

Kushikatsu - skewered cutlets with dipping sauce

Botan nabe - hot pot with meat of boar hunt in Hyogo


Awaji Puppet Theater Company on Awaji Island off Kobe City is one of the biggest and most successful puppet troupes from the early 17th to mid 20th century and passes down traditional puppet shows. 

Banshu soroban, traditional Japanese calculators, is a popular local product in Hyogo where it used to be called Banshu. 

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A professional hand saw with fashionable design for daily use


This hand saw was made for anyone from women to children who want to use a hand saw at home in their daily lives.  By using techniques of a professional cutting tool company, its knife is sharp while keeping a fashionable design.  


Card Holder


Custom made textile card holder woven by jacquard looms

Nunoanuenue is a brand that creates custom made textile accessories woven by jacquard looms. This card holder is made of finely woven jacquard fabric. Very fine polyester yarn woven by a jacquard loom creates a precise, digital print-like effect. Edges are heat treated for a clean finish.

The Record Glasses EVANS

Moe Kawatani

Unique glasses from a port town where jazz was first introduced in Japan

These glasses were born in Kobe, a port town knows as a place jazz music was first introduced in Japan. It was made by second hand records that were no longer used with a motif of a renowned jazz pianist, Bill Evans.

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Leather items


All handmade leather items from an area historically known for leather business

Banshu area where ReCreate is located has historically renowned leather manufacturing place in the World. ReCreate's passion is to sustain this business by preserving traditional various steps to make a final product while they change an old fashioned business style. ReCreate is known for making OEM items such as ties and coasters.

kobe steak restaurant


Over 130 years of experience of


serving Kobe beef

We strive daily to uphold a principle to

serve through “Sensitivity, Mindfulness, Consideration”
and provide meat of the finest quality

 in order to bring joy to our customers’ heart and deliver a rejuvenating experience.