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Unique volcanic atmosphere of various hot springs in Kusatsu 

Gunma is a mountainous prefecture in Kanto region of Honshu island. Gunma was a center of silk industry by leading automation of making silk under the support of the Meiji government.


Kusatsu hot spring ranks one of the favorite destinations for bath lovers due to a unique volcanic atmosphere in the middle of the city. 

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Kusatsu hot spring

Konjak dishes - various kinds of eating konjak such as sashimi, oden, and hot pot due to the most production of konjak in Gunma

Shimonita leek dishes - Leeks from Shimonita area are popular for hot pot due to its unique sweetness when boiled.

Himokawa udon - exceptionally wide udon noodles with a width of 0.6 inches to 4 inches

Kusatsu hot spring has an impressive rate of flow in the middle of the city, which allows many hotels, public baths and traditional Japanese Inns to offer various type of baths.


Oze National Park is known for hiking with rare plants and animals. 


The town of Kiryu has acclaimed its textile production, Kiryu textiles. Kiryu has supported Japanese cotton industry, which used to be the main industry in the Meiji period, by producing quality silk products.


Gunma is also known as the most production of Drama dolls, which started as a side job of agriculture and silk business in the Eco period. 

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