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Spectacular view of the Japanese Alps throughout a year

Gifu prefecture is located in center of Japan on main island of Honshu. Due to its geographical location, Nakasendo, one of the main five roads during the Edo period,  road goes through Gifu to connect between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Gifu has various landscapes with a serious of mountains on North and vast plains on South. 

Map of  Gifu
Shirakawa go

Goheimochi - sticky rice mochi with miso on a stick

Houbazushi - sushi rice with toppings of vinegared salted mackerels and salted trouts and seasonable ingredients wrapped with a Hou leaf


Akakabu zuke - pickled “Hida benimaru kabu”, a traditional turnip in Hida area

Hida-Takayama that is situated in the middle of the Japanese Alps offers one of the biggest festivals in Japan, Takayama Matsuri twice a year in mid April and early October.


The Shirakawa-go region preserves a unique scenery of a group of traditional Japanese houses with a steep roof to unburden workload of removing heavy snow.

Its architectural style is called Gassho-zukuri meaning “praising hands shape buildings” as it looks like monks plays with their hands together.


Gifu is rich in nature and handmade washi paper called Mino Washi has been made by using Kozo, a type of mulberry, grown in Gifu since 8th century. Gifu lantern that uses Mino Washi is also Gifu’s local craft since 18th century. As a forestry prefecture, Gifu has skillful carpenters and wooden products became popular.


Mino Ware, a type of pottery in Mino area is another famous local craft in Gifu. There are many different kinds of styles and they were developed through association with tea ceremony. 


Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheet


Aroma sheets brought to you from a famous hot spring


Gero Hot Springs are known as the birthplace of medicinal compress sheets that are popular around the world. Nagomi Sheets are a modern version of these sheets using essential oils from local trees and carefully selected fragrances such as lavender, chamomile, rose and yuzu citrus.

(岐阜)丸美屋酒店 三代目NAGARA-GAWA.jpg

Nagaragawa Junmai Ginjo

Komachi Shuzo

Symphony Sake - Sake fermented with music 

Nagaragawa is the river that has been a central fishing spot for 1300 years - this water ultimately finds its way into Komachi Shuzo’s underground well water. This Junmai Ginjo sake has excellent floral aromatics, an edge underneath the umami, and a mild aftertaste. Made with locally grown Hidahomare rice.

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