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Beautiful scenery of series of mountains and pure water

Fukui prefecture is located in the Chubu region on Honshu island. It faces the Sea of Japan and is known for a ria coast and sharp cliffs at Tojinbo.


Fukui offers beautiful sceneries of series of mountains and pure water. 

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Tojinbo is a serious of basaltic cliffs that were formed about 12-13 millions years ago.


It has been eroded by daily waves since then. This rare landscape is only to be see at two other places in the world.

Fukui is also a home of Eihei-ji temple, one of the two main temples of Buddhist Soto sect.


It is made of a huge complex of nearly 70 buildings deep in mountain and about 200 monks live there and practice daily.


Echizen gani - crabs caught in Fukui generally eaten as a hot pot

Echizen soba - buckwheat noodles with grated Japanese radish. Fukui is suitable for growing  buckwheat due to its weather and water and buckwheat noodles in Fukui is darker and has stronger flavor than buckwheat noodles from other areas.

Saba (Mackerel) - Fukui played an important role for food trading and Old Mackerel Road that leads to Kyoto originated in Fukui. 


Sabae city from Fukui is known for eyewear industry including frame manufacturing. The production started about 100 years ago as a side business of agriculture.

Continuous development has been made Sabae a world-renowned city of eyewear production.


Another popular local product in Fukui is Echizen washi paper. It is said production started about 1,500 years ago. Due to its quality, Echizen washi was used as official paper among samurai clans and people from aristocratic classes. 

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