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A door to the world through the international airport 

Chiba prefecture is located in the Kanto region of honshu island. West side of the border faces Tokyo. Chiba is known for Narita International Airport, the predominant international airport in Japan. Due to its mild weather, Chiba is known for agriculture and fishing with high production in Japan. 

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Tokyo Disney Land

Chiba is known for Tokyo Disneyland, which was the first Disney park built outside of the US in 1983.


Sawara aquatic botanical garden grows 300 types of lotuses and 1.5 millions of irises with 400 different varieties.

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Their booming season runs from April to late June. 5,000 acres of the park has islands, bridges and a river and you can enjoy seeing flowers by a boat cruise. 


Botan nabe - wild boar hot pot, which was named after Botan, peony in Japanese, as the meat of wild boar looks like poeny flowers.

Iwashi no dangojiru - traditional miso soup with minced sardine balls in Kujyukuri

Nishikawa oshi sushi - marinated sardine with sushi rice


Maiwai dying is a method of dying of Maiwai, fishermen’s traditional clothes for celebration. Originally it was a gift to fishermen by the management of a fishing business or the head of a fishing boat to celebrate a large amount of catch.

Gradually its meaning was changed to costumes to wear on special occasions.


Boshu uchiwa is fans made of bamboos grown in Chiba. It was provided to Edo, former name of Tokyo, during the Edo period as Chiba is next to Tokyo. 

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