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1979 Born

2004  Entered Oita Bamboo Craft Training Center and studied under Mr. Jin Morigami.

2005 Finished study at the center.

2007 Got independent.

2013  Invited for the Artist-in-residence program at BPR in yogyakarta,Indonesia
   (held workshops) Sep in 2013.

2014  Participated for an exhibition “Koudou suru Mingei(Craft to go into action)” at

   Anhui University in China,June in 2014.Artworks are archived for the museum

   at university.

       Solo exhibition at MITSUKOSI head store(one time a year until 2018.). 

2015  Stayed at a local village in Kota Yogyakarta two month,Indonesia to hold a workshop

   there.I introduced sine brand-new bamboo works and taught a local craftsman how to

   make them. 

       Workshops at Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris,France.

2016  Exhibition,Demonstration,Workshops at Paris.

2017 Exhibition,Demonstration,WorkshopsCopenhagen,Denmark.    

   Exhibition,Demonstration,Workshops at Paris

2018  Authorized as a national craft man. 

   Exhibition and Instalation at New York.

   Collaboration working with rattan basket artist at Boston.

   Exhibition with Indonesian designer at Bamboo museum in Beppu.


                     [Bamboo competition at Beppu]      award 4times

                     [Japan traditional crafts competition]  Be accepted 2times

                     [Japan folk art article competition]   One award,be accepted 2times

                     [Contemporary art exhibition  japan and france]  Be accepted

       [Takaoka craft competition 2016,17]  Be accepted 

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