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Magnificent landscape of wild nature from Shirakami Sanchi and Towada lake

Aomori prefecture is the northernmost prefecture of Honshu island. It is widely known as magnificent nature just as Aomori in Japanese means green forests. Due to its location, an entire prefecture has a large amount of snow in winter. Nebuta Matsuri, an annual summer festival, attracts millions of tourists every year.

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Aomori has the most production of apples in Japan and more than half of apples in Japan are produced in Aomori. Also, Aomori has the largest share of garlic production in Japan. Pickled garlic marinated in soy sauce or miso is a popular food in Aomori.


Imonoozukebatto is another popular food in Aomori. It is miso soup with leek, shiitake, burdock and potato rice cakes.

Shirakami Sanchi is an mountainous area between south west of Aomori and north west of Akita.


It is one of the rare areas in the world that you can see beech trees in a wild condition in such a large scale.

Towada lake that lies between Aomori and Akita is known as the third deepest lake in Japan. It forms a unique shape as it was made as a result of a couple of eruptions.


Aomori is known for Nebuta Matsuri that is an annual summer festival held in early August.

The highlight of the festival is the parade of the large number of floating lanterns made by washi paper that generally feature popular historical or mythical figures, and kabuki actors. 

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Tsugaru Nuri is a type of lacquer produced in an ancient castle town of Hirosaki city since the end of 17th century. It is characterized by its original method of several layers.

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Tsugaru Vidro NEBUTA

Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd

Sense the seasons in handmade glass


This gorgeous handmade glass expresses Japan’s four seasons with more than 100 color combinations. Based on the traditional craft from Aomori Prefecture and inspired by the region’s NEBUTA Festival, Tsugaru Vidro captures infinite expressions like the changing scenery. Mastering new techniques and methods requiring advanced technology, the glass artisans complete each piece with a smoothness that can only be achieved using a blowing iron with refined skill and ability.