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Unique town that preserves samurai houses

Akita prefecture is located in the northern Tohoku Region of Honshu island at the Sea of Japan coast. With lots of mountains and forests, Akita is known for traditional wooden crafts. Kakunodate is unique town that preserves samurai houses in a good condition.

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Kakunodate preserves an entire neighborhood since its foundation in 1620. The town was built for an area of samurai houses in the northern district and an area for merchants in the southern district.


Kakunodate is also known as one of the popular places for cherry blossoms. People still live in those traditional houses while some houses are open for public or were turned to cafes, restaurants or souvenir shops.


Nyuto hot spring is known for milky hot spring water and has a history of 300 years. 


Kiritanpo - toasted mashed cooked rice rolled around Japanese cedar skewers eaten with sweet miso or one of the ingredients of hot pot

Iburigakko - Japanese radish smoked by rice bran and salt

Imonokojiru - soup with taro potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, and chicken


Odate Mage-wappa are wood crafts made by Akita cedars. It has a history of around 1,000 years, and is characterized by comfortable smell by cedars, resistance to heat and light weight, Major items include lunch boxes, trays and coffee cups.


Kabazaiku is handicraft cases made out of the bark of a cherry tree. Cherry trees can keep moisture levels relatively constant, kabazaiku crafts are used for a container to store tea and tabacco.

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