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Express the contradiction and difference of human sensibilities, through the fusion works of reality and fiction(two-dimensional).

Things that we cannot accept in reality. But, by having another point of view, we can accept them naturally, and even admire them.

Through her works, Kaga shows and asks us the differences of our each sensibilities.“Don’t you discriminate someone for 'stranger,' by the border of your limited conclusions? ”

“– Throw out your limited conclusions. Beyond the border of your sensibilities. – “Kaga thinks it is the very essence of life truly in abundance.
Through her works, that is the expression she wants to show, and pursuits for.

-about KAGA(Profile)-

Based in Oita.
Illustrator(graphics artist), and conceptual artist.
Graduated from Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture, department of art and design.

Beside with engaged in designing of graphical video games,
as conceptual artist, with the theme "fusion", keep doing creative activities for express her artistic sensibilities more freely.

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