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Birthplace of many famous politicians in Japanese history

Yamaguchi prefecture is located on the most west part of Honshu, the main island of Japan. It is a birth place of many famous politicians in Japanese history including ones that overthrew the Edo Shogunate. 

Shimonoseki city is known for the highest catch of blowfish in Japan and you can enjoy various kinds of blowfish dishes in Yamaguchi.

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Yamaguchi is famous for quasi-national park of Akiyoshidai is a 130 km² plateau with the highest concentration of karst formation. Under the green landscape, many caves are found including Akiyoshido, the largest one in Japan. Kintai Bridge is other popular place in Yamaguchi. It is a wooden that has five beautiful arches over Nishiki River. 


It was built after multiple attempts in the 17th century to have access from the Iwakuni Castle to its castle town. 

Iwakuni zushi

Iwakuni zushi - Layers of vinegar rice with fish, lotus roots and shredded egg crepes

Kawara soba - Soba noodles cooked on a roof tile. Noodles are green color because macha is kneaded into it.


Akama suzuri is an inkstone made of Akama stone that is ideal for inkstone as it helps to make smooth and bright ink for calligraphy. Ouchi Lacquerware was developed when Ouchi family flourished.

Hagi ware is a type of pottery made in Hagi city. The production started in late 16th century when potters from the Korean Peninsula brought their techniques. It is known as its simple design. 

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