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Richard Ford III (RF3RD) is a native son of the culturally rich city of Detroit, Mi. It was there he developed his artistic voice through graffiti, weaving in elements of his growing love of manga and anime. His journey led him to Columbia College (Chicago) where he obtained his degree in illustration (BFA), complementing his studies with Japanese history and language.


It was after his transition into New York, that Richard began to focus on further developing as an artist, both in skill and mentality. With a new found exposure to New York’s thriving art scene came a new way of approaching and producing art, removing limitations and allowing expression to be the driving force behind each stroke or color. Removed were the limitations that required one to produce a particular genre or work of art, and within its place was the birth of artistic freedom.


Richard’s works are best described as an amalgamation of culture, influences, experiences and passions. Stylistically drawn to the aesthetics of anime and manga, he compliments his illustrations with his background of street art, giving his characters attitude, yet a hint of cuteness that reflects strongly his character and personality.

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