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Production of juicy peaches and a birth place of a famous folktale, Momotaro, Peach Boy

Okayama prefecture is surrounded by mountains on north and the Seto Island Sea on south.


Due to its mild weather, it’s known for the production of juicy peaches and it has also known as a birth place of Momotaro, Peach Boy, from Japanese folktale. 

Map of Okayama

A historical district of Kurashiki city preserves beautiful black and white storehouses along a canal back in the Edo Period around 16th and 17th century. Okayama is a home of Momotaro, Peach Boy, from Japanese famous folktale “Momotaro”, which is a story about a young boy who came on the Earth inside a big peach.

Kojima, the southern district of Kurashiki city is known for the most production of denim in Japan. Korakuen, located under Okayama Castle, is known as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. 

Shino Udon - 40 inches of long noodle with 0.8 inches of width
Ujo Golden Sushi - assortment of sushi and fish that imitates Okayama Castle
Takomeshi - rice mixed with octopus, which is caught one of the highest amount in Okayama

Bizen Ware is a traditional pottery made in Okayama. It is known as strong pottery as it is made in a kiln with temperature around 1200 degrees for  as long as two weeks. 

Bicchu Washi Paper has a history of 1200 years and has gained popularity as paper for ink painting. Igusa. Okayama has the number one production of Igusa, rush, which is used for tatami mat. 

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