Birthplace of popular samurai figures leaving Nagoya castle and Inuyama castle

Nagano made its name for beautiful nature during the world for Winter Olympic Games in 1998.


Mountains with 2,000 to 3,000 kilometers (1,200 to 1,800 miles) lie in Nagano. Jigokudani Yaen Park is popular for tourists by offering a unique scene of wild monkeys in a hot bath in winter. 

Jigokudani Yaen Park, Hell’s valley, is known as Snow Monkey Mountain as wild monkeys come down to a hot bath in winter for heat and foods. 

Tsumago-juku preserves atmosphere of an ancient town from Edo Period when it was flourished as one of the 69 post towns of the Nakasendo road, which is one of the main roads from Tokyo to Kyoto.

You can enjoy 3 hour hiking from Tsumago-juku to Magome-juku in Gifu prefecture.

Shinshu soba - buckwheat noodles produced in Shinshu, another name of Nagano. 

Oyaki - flour buns filled with pickles and vegetables cooked in ashes from a fireplace

Yashouma - home made sweets with colorful design made of rice flour, sugar, water and salt during spring that originates as an offering on an anniversary of death of Mr. Buddha on February 15

Lacquerware is unique to Japan and Kiso district in Japan is especially known for the production of lacquerware that originates in the 17th century.


It became a popular souvenir for travelers on the Nakasendo road. Uchiyama washi paper that traces back to 17th century is known as strong, soft and flexible paper that is good for shoji paper, which is paper used for traditional Japanese sliding door. 

Masashi Ishiai

T-shirts with dynamic colorful Japanese themed paintings 

At the age of 32, Masashi Ishiai suffered a cerebral infarction that affected the right side of his body and left him with aphasia, a language disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate. While Ishiai was recovering in the hospital, his brother gave him a sketchbook. Because his dominant side was affected, Ishiai had to draw with his left hand. This opened up the world of art to him, and drawing a picture a day became his part of his daily routine. 

Wooden Spatulas

Okubo House Mokkkosha

All hand made wooden spatulas for home cooking

Okubo House Mokkosha specializes in handmade wooden kitchen tools. The most popular item is wooden spatula made of cherry trees. As it’s all hand made, each spatula is slightly different in shape, and it becomes your original spatula as it changes its shape to fit your fried pan as you use it. 

Intestinal Live Magic bean


Unique healthy supplement with no additive to help to strengthen your immune system

This nutritional supplemental powder was developed to help to strengthen your immune system by stimulating your bowel. It is freeze-dry of fermented soy beans Ganoderma lucidum mixed with lactobacillus plantarum was planted. This special production method received a patent in Japan with the help of Shinshu University. 

Santai (Yuya Furuhata)

Beauty of Lacquer Art

Santai is specialized in making various lacquer products including lacquer painting on electronic guitars. Yuya Furuhata is the forth generation of this family-owned company.


The surface of this art piece was created out of the figures of quilted maple. It was created by adjusting colors put into the wood with spray paint at the bottom.

Hamasome Kobo

Over 100 years of tradition of indigo dying method

Hamasome Kobo is the only indigo dying company in Nagano, which is currently run by an owner of the third generation. They carry a special technique of dying both sides in a different pattern that can be done by only a few people across all over Japan. 

Hamasome Kobo carry clutch bags, placemats etc by using an indigo dyed cloth.

Love Japan Brand

Traditional Japanese string and lucky charm inspired by one of its greatest warriors

Love Japan Brand’s Sanada String Bracelet is a traditional craft that is said to have been made by Sanada Yukimura, a samurai warrior of the Sengoku period who is often called the “greatest warrior in the land.” Originally used to wrap the hilt of a samurai sword, the strong string also tied paulownia wood boxes shut. Today, the bracelet is Love Japan Brand’s way of introducing this traditional craft to the world as well as to the next generation of craftspeople. Love Japan Brand participated in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “COOL Japan” campaign.

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