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Mr. Reed has performed on the many great stages of New York City, including within his hometown of East New York, Brooklyn. Mr. Reed represents a new era of artist, as he has built much of his following through unique viral social media campaigns that have involved him performing in public spaces all around the world and then posting these viral videos to his facebook and youtube pages. Some of these videos have taken place in Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and even on the subway platforms, of New York City, as an effective marketing tool to gain attention for his work. 

Mr. Reed has acted in, written original music, lyrics, score, and co-written treatments for commercials for major brands such as Gillette, Guitar Center and he was the brand ambassador for the 2012-2014 Guitar Center campaign. 

Howard Stern, referring Mr. Reed's performance on America's Got Talent, said, "I think Mr. Reed is a huge hat is off to you, when you open your mouth and sing, it is absolutely beautiful."

Mr. Reed is a touring artist getting ready to release his live album, Mr. Reed Live from Recession Free Music: Brooklyn. He is performing in New York City, across the country ​and globally to build support for its release. His music is in the genres of soul, jazz, funk, blues, hip-hop, e​tc. 

Mr. Reed consistently works with community based organizations, causes of interest, with children, adolescents, adults, elders and students; along with conducting talks and speaking engagements inclusive of his extensive touring.

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