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I was born 1959 in Fukuoka city Japan, working in Fukuoka city as a commercial photographer(owner of OKU STUDIO), Cinematographer, Graphic Designer, Founder and Teacher of peivate photoschool(Imagelabo photoschool, over 18 years), etc.  And I’m one of a member of Korean Art NPO group.
  There are several theme in my photography, one of important theme is female portrait (including nude).
In female portrait, I conscious Japanese beauty lately. I wonder what is the Japanese beauty? In our daily life in Japan, we don’t recognize Japan specific things, Western and Japanese are mixed in our daily life. 
  What is the differences between western beauty and Japanese beauty? Shapes? Colors? Texture? In our Behavior? (for exsample, see my short movie “Sho Sa”)I’m thinking about Japanese beauty through photo shooting. 
I want to extract Japanese beauty in my photos, want to think about it deeply again.
I still looking for modern Japanese style and want to find out hidden  Japanese essences through shooting female portraits.
  I had lot of solo and group exhibitions in my hometown.  I had it at the gallery in Hollywood(USA) and Seoul(KOREA), too.  When I did solo exhibition, I got a contract as an artist between the gallery(USA) for few years.In recent years I have good relationship between Korean photographers and Korean NPO groups(about Art).  I’m going to have exhibitions with them in Korea and another countries.