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鳥越 一輝

一輝は、描画の痕跡を残しながら作品を作る抽象表現主義の先人達(アントニー・タピエス、サ イ・トゥオンブリー等)と同じくキャンバスとの対話によって作品を作る。

彼は画面の中で、騒々しさを避ける様に、グレイッシュなカラーを使う。日本の茶室や禅に似た 静かな場所。その中でうっすらとした変化を楽しむ様に、彼がそれまでに経験した絵画の良い記 憶を辿りながら、筆でシンプルに刻み、作品に仕上げていく。



Kazuki creates his works by conversation with canvas. His style, as showing the traces of ordinary rough sketch, is the same style of such predecessors as Antoni Tàpies, Cy Twombly, etc. , those who are so called “abstract expressionism”.

He paints pictures with grayish color in a canvas, as if for avoiding noisy. His works expresses “a quiet place”, like a Japanese tea-room, or Zen. In such quiet places of his works, he expresses slightly change with pleasure, by painting simply, and retracing wonderful memories of drawings that he had experienced until that time.

He hopes his works cause a “resonance” to happy memories before, that everyone has in their hearts.

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