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Born in Karatsu-city in Saga-Prefecture in 23rd January 1950.


I was a child who liked painting. In my elementary school days, I was very busy for painting cartoons on notebooks which were coming around to me from my friends during class, and could not remember at all what the teachers taught.


During my high school days, I formed the band named "Bacon Beans" with my friends. We played folk songs and had a high popularity among schoolgirls. I belonged to the band named "Country Rangers" at the university.


After graduating the university, I worked at the company who bought foreign films, and my career in entertainment business has been started. I built my own company named TAMT Co., Ltd. in 1979.


Longing for strolling in Shitamachi, I moved to Asakusa in 1997. While doing entertainment business, I have been painting pictures, making crafts, writing novels and poems and composing original songs. About 7 years ago, I had run a small shop named "Ebisu-dou" in Asakusa.  At that time, I have created my original character, "Kinoko-san".  My artworks have been selling very well at the shop.  The shop has been closed, however, I am still doing creative works.  Recently, I am concentrating on “recycle art”.

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