J-Collabo is a social network created to bring artists of different disciplines and genres together, provide the stage for them to collaborate, and make their collaborations accessible to the public. With Japanese culture and its underlying aesthetics and values as a common focus, we invite anyone who is interested to take part in this next generation of cultural exchange regardless of age, race, education or background. Taking full advantage of technology, social media, we present unique content and represent a community where cross-cultural and cross-sector communication flows without physical or financial constraints.



It's a place where the Japanese sense of beauty is expressed, its underlying principles and its relevance to global culture. Our goal is to propose a lifestyle with profound aesthetic value, both physical and spiritual.


It's a place where creatives can collaborate with other like-minded individuals to push the boundaries of art and art making.  

It's a place where the conventions of intercultural chemistry are challenged and the possibilities of creative collaboration and experimentation are deeply explored as a unifying effort between Japanese culture and

 the cultures of the world.


J-COLLABO fosters creative interaction between cultural communities in a variety of ways. Through J-EXPO, J-EVENTS, J-EDUCATE, J-MAP, J-BLOG/J-INTERVIEWS, and J-SPECTRUM, J-COLLABO seeks to engage artists and others interested in Japanese culture to learn, share and create.

 This is how we do it.



-o&s Shimoda Art Institute-


the first basement

Conveniently located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, J-COLLABO is a place where the conventions of intercultural chemistry are challenged and the possibilities of creative collaboration and experimentation are deeply explored as a unifying effort between Japanese culture and the cultures of the world. J-Members can use the space for their events, art exhibitions, music concerts, live performances, film screenings, and educational seminars, etc.

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Hitoshi was born in Beppu, Oita, and graduated from Polytechnic University. For 13 years he held the coveted position of Creative Director at the international cosmetics giant Shiseido, which provided him the opportunity to not only hone his skills in design, but in all phases of production and marketing. He is now president of Saga Creative Corp., a design consultancy based in New York City, for new cosmetics brands being introduced to both mass and prestige markets.



Sacchi Shimoda was born in Seoul, Korea to Japanese parents. After graduating from Keisen Junior College in Tokyo, she moved to New York to study graphic art at Parson’s School of Design and graduated from New York City Community College with an A.A.B degree in Graphic Art in 1979. After working at Asia Society Gallery, the Rockefeller Foundation, and some department stores, she started her own business as an art consultant in 1987.



Kazuya’s base is Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. He studied Art in Oita Prefectural College of Art and Culture. He worked design in Advertising company.

After working as a designer for an advertising company, Kazuya joined J-COLLABO. He  is an artist whose works embrace the theme of prayer.

Assistant Director of Web Design


J+B Store Manager 

Takeyama was born in Miyazaki, Japan. He moved to the United States in 1978, and studied Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City.
After working as an assistant for Macy’s department store in the advertising department, he was soon promoted to an in-house photographer position for the company.
In 1990, he opened Kimio Takeyama Photography Studio in New York City.
He currently works with an impressive roster of prestigious companies including Shiseido la prairie, Tatcha, Glaceau, aRUDE, Seiko Time and Citigroup.
He is also a director of J-COLLABO.



Founder of The September Concert Foundation, which organizes an annual global festival of music for peace. Haruko is former COO of Felissimo New York, which for 20 years was home to many creative ideas, products and exhibitions, as well as a venue for socially and culturally significant events. In collaboration with UNESCO, she also directed DESIGN 21: Social Design Network, an online community to promote “Design For The Greater Good,” and launched DREAM (Dance, Read, Express Art, Music) Centers for children in post-conflict regions of the world, including Kabul (Afghanistan), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Monrovia (Liberia).


Steve was born and bred in Manhattan. A Venture Capitalist, Mr. Globus first went to Japan when he sold his technology company to Matsushita in 1996. He refers to himself as a “cultural provocateur,” encouraging artists to meld talent and a combination of Western and Japanese cultures into new forms and concepts. The Globus Film Series is an annual event at Japan Society every spring. He has worked with J-COLLABO on various fundraisers. He travels to Japan at least twice a year to visit artists, attend film festivals, and provide assistance to the Tohoku region.


Masato was born in Osaka in 1965. High school graduate just before University of Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University department of economics. Present and Corporation GETTI  Managing director/general corporate judicial person cool Japan conference director. The student enterprise which are planning and marketing in 1986 during a university student, I start new business and institutionalize corporation Getty with juniors in 1992 via NEC after university graduation. After a while establishes the business company which does branding of a major company client and an autonomous body, the side development of media which does activation consultation, business development and a business investment. Representative of the GETTI group by which present does business territory of 5, consultation business, architecture design business, apparel business, veterinarian operation business and medical business of the study of a iPS cell.


Shuichi worked in the beauty industry with Shiseido for 36 years, and spent over 18 years leading their global business development in the US and in Europe as CEO of the area headquarters. In Japan, his assignment was mainly on new product development for both Shiseido and IPSA. Through many years of experience in the international markets, he was always interested in intercultural collaboration between Japan and other countries. His current focus is on supporting young entrepreneurs in Japan and the U.S., whose work creates new interpretations of Japanese culture which can be accepted globally as a new universal culture.


Isao Tsujimoto is a former director of Japan Foundation’s  offices in New York and Los Angeles. After his tenure with  Japan Foundation, Isao moved back to his hometown of  Tokyo shortly before the tragic events of March 13, 2011.  He soon initiated the project Voices from Japan, allowing  victims of the disaster to relate their own stories in their  own words. With extensive networks in Japan and the  United States, Isao continues his efforts to inspire and  connect people across the globe.  


Founder and Executive Director of HappyDoll, Inc., a nonprofit organization connecting children through the making and exchanging of unique and fun dolls. In 2001, she became Founder and Director of MSTERIO, a summer camp in Japan. She is also a team member of Keio University Hospital’s “Kokoro no Care” project in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture. She is a board member of Midori & Friends, Princeton in Asia, and Find Your Voice, and Co-chair of Friends of Children and Youth Programs at Japan Society. Nozomi was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, working in various capacities for 18 years. She has also worked at the American Embassy in Tokyo, Fuji Television, and Itochu International. Nozomi resides in NY.


Elente Inc. C.E.O., producer, curator, publisher. Masato Tsuruta graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Law and learned at University of the Arts London and New York University. After joining EMI music JAPAN INC., he was in charge of Hikaru Utada, Yumi Matsutoya, BOØWY and Fuji Television CX-TV sound track. After he assumed the General Manager of Marketing Department in UNIVERSAL music LLC, he started WOOLY ARTS, woolymagazine -a bilingual culture magazine-, and an artist agency, and has taught at Ritsumeikan University and Ryukoku University as a part-time lecturer. He consulted for and directed the new brand of Hiyoko Honpo “doux d'amour” in 2014 and Hotel WITH THE STYLE ( FUKUOKA ) in 2004, along with the launch marketing of Microsoft Windows Vista in 2007, the organizing JJS MEDIA (from Korea) in 2014, KKBOX (from Taiwan) in 2013 and SK telecom (from Korea and Japan) in 2015. In April, 2017, he acquired a space in "growth NEXT", a large incubation facility run by Fukuoka city and investment groups such as Mistletoe, Inc. In July, he founded milia, an art venture company which contributes to the discovery and development of potential artists with a local governmental agency, entrepreneurs and the investment companies.