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Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Brian Zimbler is a sculptor, painter, drawer, performance artist, heart-dancer, writer, and social worker. He is based in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.


Zimbler usually makes art that expresses his feelings.  He does not limit what materials he uses, though he usually gravitates towards materials that would be accessible to a child.


Recently, Zimbler turned the bathroom of Café Madeline in Ditmas Park into a parallel universe (see attached picture) consisting of pizzas and wormholes.  He made the bulk of the work, but his community also contributed to the work.  He made this installation because of the death of his father-in-law and the birth of his son.  He wanted their paths to and from Earth to be as safe and beautiful as possible although they did not get to meet in the real life.


Zimbler is interested in the things we carry in our bodies that are both known and unknown to us. In terms of his connection to Japanese culture, he has been to Kyoto and was entranced.  He has read a bit of Japanese literature, and sometimes, if one of my sculptures breaks, he fixes it using a DIY form of kintsugi. 

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